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Interview Questions

Some example interview questions and general information about how to conduct a successful QA interview.

Verification vs. Validation

Vocabulary definitions of these common QA terms are important because they are often not used apporpriately. Understanding the SDLC and Verification vs. Validation is a key part in "pushing left".

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Involvement vs Commitment

Using a business fable to understand the difference between those who are participating (involved) in a project and those who are committed to a project.


Test Data Standards

Creating meaningful test data requires adopting and enforcing standards. The data needs to be useful for testing many different scenarios while maintaining security standards that will pass audits.

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Selenium Extensions

Selenium based automation projects are extremely popular but require serious architectural planning to prevent projects from collapsing under their own weight. This is an example of extending a Selenium to improve coding standards. The example is applied using C#.